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Best Chai Cafe in Navi Mumbai.


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Aroma Chai

Aroma Chai isn’t your average chai stop – it’s an experience! We’re Navi Mumbai’s top chai destination, boasting multiple locations for ultimate convenience.

Skip the wait! Our instant chai service gets you your perfect cup fast. Plus, explore our range of delicious chai premixes – we redefine chai-making!

More than just chai: Aroma Chai is your chill zone to connect with friends and family. Our cafes boast a stellar 4.5+ Google rating, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Menu

Our Menu Recommendation: Indulge in a curated selection of our finest chai blends, each crafted with precision and passion to offer a delightful sensory experience. From classic masala chai to exotic herbal infusions, our menu caters to every palate and preference. Let our expertly brewed chai creations guide you on a journey of flavor exploration, elevating your chai experience to new heights of satisfaction.
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Our Tea Story

Aroma Chai?
At Aroma Chai, we’re not just a chai stop; we’re an immersive experience redefining the art of chai-making. Here’s why we stand out:
  • Instant Service, Big Flavor

    Get your chai fix quickly, without sacrificing taste.

  • Chai & Snacks Variety

    We serve variety of Chai & Snacks options. From Classic Masala Chai to unique Kesar Chai along with different unique snacks options, we cater to all cravings.

  • Relaxing Ambiance

    Unwind and socialize in our comfortable cafes.

  • Best Tea

    Enjoy the finest, carefully crafted chai blends. From Classic Masala to unique Kesar Chai, our premium selections ensure a delightful experience in every sip.

Our Happy Customers